Year 6

Purple Mash and TT Rockstar logins and passwords are in the 'Learn at Home' packs that have been made for every child in the class. If you have not yet received yours, e-mail us at:

Parents will have received a text with details of how to register their child on the Premier League Primary Stars website. There are more activities assigned to Year 6 to have a go at!

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Friday 22nd  May  2020

Morning! Half term next week so make sure you have a good rest. There will be some activities on here if you get a bit bored!

Physical Activity

  1. Try some of the activities from the Joy of Moving
  2. Go Noodle! Many of the songs and routines you see are here are sung at PGL. This one shows how actions can help you remember many things!


  1. Purple Mash 2Dos
  2. Write a poem about lockdown.

What has it been like for you?

What have you missed?

 What have you enjoyed?

What are you looking forward to?

 Remember poems do not have to rhyme. Think about the atmosphere you are trying to create. I’ve included some poems for you to read to help you.

Think about the layout; some lines might only have one word.


  1. TTrockstars
  2. Play Reach 100 (download from the top of the page

Design and Technology

Design a school of the future. What would be the same and what would be different?

Thursday 21st May  2020


Physical activity

  1. Click on 'The Joy of Moving' from Derby County Community Trust and have a go at some of the activities they have put on. Some great ideas including a scavenger hunt. Good fun for all the family. They would love to see some photos of what you have done - send them to homelearning or if your parents have a Twitter account they can put them on our page,
  2. Rounding up and down with Blazer Fresh



  1. Purple Mash 2DO
  2. Classroom Secrets for Thursday


  1. TTrockstars –The quicker you can recall multiplication facts, the easier fractions get!
  2. Problem of the day. Do jottings to help you.


‘The Old Railroad’

Read the first page of ‘The Old Railroad’. Try to draw a picture of what made the shrill noise!

Netball Competition

A competition from Active Derbyshire. Click on the second link and then click on Netball to find some great activities and the competition which is on Friday’s list of activities.

 Show us what Netball means to you with a poem, dance, song, rap or story. Enter at before 9am on Friday, May 22. Full details at


Wednesday 20th May  2020


Physical activity

  1. Try to keep active each day for at least ten minutes.
  2. Go Noodle!


  1. Purple Mash 2DO. I understand that some of you weren’t able to get on the quiz as it needed Flash – I am sorry; I did not notice when I set it. I have not set that part today. Well done to those who were able to get on.
  2. Complete the work from Classroom Secrets for Wednesday. It would be nice to have some of the letters on Twitter if possible.          


  1. TTrockstars –The quicker you can recall multiplication facts, the easier fractions get!
  2. Complete the work from Classroom Secrets for Wednesday.


Choose a fact file to read on Mother Teresa (there are three slightly different ones – each gives a little more information). How did Mother Teresa put her faith into action?


Tuesday 19th May  2020

Hola! Great to see the videos on Twitter of Ryan learning Spanish. I hope you are all having a go at it!

I have put on another edition of First News for you to read this week

Physical activity

  1. Keep on the move for at least ten minutes every day
  2. Go noodle


  1. Purple Mash 2DO
  2. Complete the work for Tuesday on Classroom Secrets


  1. TTrockstars
  2. Complete the work for Tuesday on Classroom Secrets


Today we are learning to say how we are feeling in Spanish. I think I could do with learning, 'I'm a bit confused'!

Monday 18th May  2020

Good morning. I hope you all had a good weekend.

Physical activity

  1. Daily Mile/Ten minute workout
  2. Wake up with this work out with the Crazy Moose! How many different songs are there?


  1. Purple Mash 2DO. We will finish the book today so one of the tasks is to write a book review. (I made a mistake last week – I set the same work twice! Sorry.)


  1. TTrockstars – even if this is not set, please keep practising tables.
  2. Complete the first two pages of maths in Classroom secrets. Use a place value grid to help you or try to visualise the one above the interactive whiteboard in class. Think carefully about what happens to the digits.

Design and Technology

Who can make the tallest tower?

Download STEM Starters at the top of the page if you want to do the link.





























































































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