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This half term's topic: 

Animal Magic!

We recommend your child joining 'Numbots' and engaging with some maths games for a few minutes 3-4 times a week, it is tablet friendly! I can see how your child is progressing through the game.

Friday 22nd May

Maths – have a go at this capacity home learning challenge. You can view the full size document by clicking above. You will need 5 cups of roughly the same size and some water in a bottle or jug.

Phonics – Play this game: Your child has to listen to the sounds and blend them together. Choose the matching picture and drag it into the toy box. Ask your child to repeat the sounds they have just heard. NOTE: YOU MAY NEED TO ENABLE/ALLOW YOUR FLASH PLAYER TO USE THIS GAME.

To do this: 

Click on the grey jigsaw piece       or this will pop up at the top and click 'allow'

Topic – make your own Elmer! Find an old plastic milk bottle, wash it out and cut off the top half of the bottle – keeping the handle attached (see photo below). Then decorate using tissue paper; coloured paper; cut coloured sections from magazines, leaflets and catalogues; or paint! Remember to use lots of different colours just like Elmer is! Don’t forget to add some eyes so that he can see!

  You could use the bottom half of the milk bottle as a plant pot and plant     some seeds or add a handle for a little bucket!





Thursday 21st May

Maths – treasure hunt. Decide with your child a list of things that you are on the hunt for whilst you stand out the front of your house or take a walk to the park or local green space. Make a list by asking your child to draw pictures and write labels of what you are going to look out for and whilst you are out ask your child to mark off when they see it, like a tally chart. You could look out for things like: birds, a certain colour of car, buses, dogs, sticks longer than your hand, tiny leaves, and ladybirds.

Phonics – The Robber game – place some objects in front of you that have a few sounds in them – car, duck, spoon, mug, cat, cheese, ham, jam, pan. Ask your child to name all the items and sound talk each word together. Ask your child to close their eyes for a ‘robber’ to come along and ‘steal’ an object. Ask your child to open their eyes and identify the item that is missing, but they have to use sound talk to tell you what it is that is missing.

Topic- Make a fact file about elephants (can download the template from above if you’d wish) use the internet or ask family and friends questions to learn all about elephants! Where do they live? What do they eat? What are baby elephants called? What do they like to do?



Wednesday 20th May

Maths – gather 2 sets of objects of different variety, e.g: dried pasta and grapes, cars and animals, cups and spoons, 2 colours and paper – you will need about 5 of each. Make a simple pattern in a line with the 2 different objects, starting with something similar to: 1,2,1,2,1,2. Ask your child to point to each item and say what it is as they go along. Then ask them to finish the pattern. What comes next? It might help to say the items along the line in a rhythmic way to support your child in identifying what comes next. If they are finding this easy then you can make the pattern more complex, such as: 1,2,2,1,2,2. You could also help them to make their own patterns. You can record your work by drawing the items onto the paper and your child drawing what comes next.

Phonics – a day of sound talking. You can incorporate phonics into your daily life without having to complete a specific activity. Create a chart for your child with 10 boxes (or you can print the one above). Throughout the day use sound talking when you are interacting with your child, for example: “Jimmy put on your h-a-t” “let’s go to the p-ar-k” ask your child to repeat the sounds you have just said then blend them to make the word. Every time you use sound talking and your child identifies it, they can tick it off on their chart (could even use stickers!). If they notice all the times that you use sound talking in the day they could win a prize of your choosing!

Topic – watch the story Elmer and the stranger: Make an Elmer mask, you can use the template above or create your own. Use paints, collage, old packaging, scraps of materials, crayons, colouring pencils or felt tips to decorate your mask.


Tuesday 19th May

Maths – get a baking tray and pour in a layer of flour, salt or sugar until the base of the tray is covered. Use a pen, stick or your finger to write a number in the flour, salt or sugar then ask your child to copy. Say what you are doing as you are writing, you can download the cards above for the formation rhymes we use in school to teach the children. Once your child has got good at this then they can have a go at writing on some paper. If your child can already write their numbers then they could have a go at teaching you how to write them.

Phonics – play feed the animal (a stuffed animal toy). Set up a picnic scenario with some foods and a stuffed toy animal. Ask the animal what foods they would like and then sound talk the food back to your child for them to blend together and identify. For example: Monkey, what would you like to eat? Monkey says: “c-a-k-e”. Child blends the sound to make ‘cake’ and feeds the monkey. You can use real or pretend food. Good foods to use are short words: cake, jam, cheese, eggs, milk, ham, bread, apple, grape, sweets

Topic – use an old magazine, newspaper, coloured paper or leaflets to make a collage of Elmer. You can use the colouring sheet above as a template if you wish. It would be great if you could encourage your child to cut their own pieces of colour to stick on. Please check they are holding their scissors in the correct way.



Monday 18th May

Maths – click the link: and play the ladybird spots game. Have a go at ordering numbers to 10. Once you have finished choose to play either ‘counting’ or ‘matching’ to 10.

Writing – draw a picture about something you did at the weekend. Ask your chid to have a go at labelling what they did. If you write the word first then your child can have a go copying you. As you are writing, tell your child about the sounds you are writing, segment and blend them together.

Topic – This week we are going to be looking at Elmer, the colourful elephant! Click this link to watch one of his stories: After, click the file above to download and print a picture of Elmer to colour in. If you don’t have a printer you could get the image up on your screen, hold your paper against the screen and trace the lines onto the paper.






REMINDER: your child’s Purple Mash ( login details are in their ‘Learn at Home’ pack. If you have not received one, please email: Each child has a 'tray' on Purple Mash for them to save their work into.

We would strongly recommend using ‘Numbots’ with your child. This is a maths platform for your child to work on counting, addition and subtraction. Ideally this should be played up to 10 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. It is also tablet friendly- there is a free app on apple and android. You will need a username and password, just email: for this. Link: and the school postcode is DE22 3HH.

Phonics Play online phonics games - make sure you focus on games for phase 1 or 2 Login: Username - march20     password - home

Oxford Owl online library of free ebooks (the same as we use in school) Login: Username - bishopnursery     password - Nursery     Link: (click on the 'Class Login' button)

Premier League Primary Stars has lots of different activities for you child and the family, your child will have packs assigned to them of activities. Your child can create their own avatar and gain awards for completing activities. Link: Use class code: LBVMF4 to register.

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