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Full Re-opening Risk Assessment and Plan 8th March 2021, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 4th Mar 2021 @ 12:21pm

School will be open to all children from Monday 8th March. 

Click on the red tab 'March 2021 Re-opening' or click on the link below to view our full re-opening risk assessment and plan.



W/B 1/3/21 Zoom Timetable, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 28th Feb 2021 @ 5:01pm

Zoom Timetable

Monday: Family Fitness 4.30pm - 5.45pm

Tuesday: Reception/Key Stage 1 Bingo 2.00pm - 2.30pm 
              Key Stage 2 Bingo 2 2.30pm - 3.00pm
              Family Quiz, Bingo and Play Your Cards Right  4.15pm - 5.00pm

Wednesday: Class Zoom Catch Ups
                   9.30am Reception
                   10.00am Nursery 
                   10.30am Year 1
                   11.00am Year 2
                   11.30am Year 3
                    1.30pm  Year 4
                    2.00pm  Year 5
                    2.30pm  Year 6
Pit Stop: 5.00pm - 5.30pm

Thursday: Dance Fit 4.15pm - 5.00pm

Friday: Friday Finale 2.00pm - 2.30pm

Zoom Timetable W/B 22/2/21, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 8th Feb 2021 @ 9:23am

We hope you can join us this week for the following events:

Tuesday - Class Catch Ups - Nursery 10.30am, Year 1 11.30am, Year 3 1.30pm Year 4 2.30pm                          Bingo and Play Your Cards Right 4.15pm - 5.00pm 

Wednesday -  Class Catch Ups - Reception 10.30am, Year 2 11.30am, Year 5 1.30pm Year6 2.30pm  Pit Stop Live 5.00pm-5.30pm

Thursday -  Class Catch Ups - Year 5 10.00am Reception 10.30am Year 6 11.00am Year 2 11.30am  Reception and KS1 Bingo Time TBC KS2 Bingo Time TBC  Dance Fit 4.15pm - 5.00pm

Friday - Class Catch Ups - Nursery 10.30am, Year 1 11.30am, Year 3 1.30pm Year 4 2.30pm              Friday Finale 2.00-2.30pm



After School Activities, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 1st Feb 2021 @ 11:31am

This week there are after school activities for you to try! Links will be sent to you on the day. It would be great to see you there!

Monday - Family Fitness 4.30pm-5.45pm

Tuesday - Bingo and Play Your Cards Right 4.14pm - 5.00pm 

Thursday - Dance Fit 4.30pm - 5.00pm

Friday - Cook and Eat anytime

See Saw, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 17th Jan 2021 @ 7:05pm


In addition to the sites you are already familiar with, we are now introducing a learning platform called 'See-Saw'.


You may have already seen our teachers reading stories on this. 

We can now set activities for your child to complete in 'See- Saw'. All year groups will be using this, beginning with some trial activities this week. Teachers will be able to view your child's work and send them feedback.

Before the end of today you will receive an e-mail with your child's See-Saw home learning codes, instructions for using the site and how to set up the app. 

If you have any queries please contact our staff using the home learning e-mail addresses. Staff will reply, but please remember they are teaching classes in school.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.


Zoom Class Catch Up, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 13th Jan 2021 @ 8:05pm

You will receive a link via Parent Hub for your class catch up on Zoom. Please remember to change the display name to your child's name

Here is the time table for the next two days.

Thursday 14th January
Nursery 10.30am    Year 1 11.30am      Year 3  1.30pm     Year 4 2.30pm


Friday 15th January
Reception 10.30am    Year 2 11.30am    Year 5 1.30pm     Year 6 2.30pm

We are looking forward to seeing you all!

Zoom Class Catch Up, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 12th Jan 2021 @ 8:11am

This morning you will receive a link via Parent Hub for your class catch up on Zoom and family bingo night with Derby County Community Trust. Here is the time table for the next two days.

Tuesday 12th January
Nursery 10.30am    Year 1 11.30am      Year 3  1.30pm     Year 4 2.30pm
Whole School 4.30pm - Family Bingo with DCCT

Wednesday 13th January
Reception 10.30am    Year 2 11.30am    Year 5 1.30pm     Year 6 2.30pm

We look forward to seeing you later!

Twitter, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 11th Jan 2021 @ 11:18am

Follow us on Twitter  https://twitter.com/Bishoplonsdale1 for regular updates on remote learning and school news.



Spring 2021 Re-opening Risk Assessment, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 8th Jan 2021 @ 12:04pm

Our updated Risk Assessment for Spring 2021 is now available on our website.

Click on the tab Spring 2021 Re-Opening.

Paper Learning Pack, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 7th Jan 2021 @ 8:28am

Good morning.
If you would like a paper learning pack, please contact your class teacher via their home learning email address and we will prepare one for you to collect. 
This pack should be used as well as the remote learning.
Many thanks for your continued  support.

Remote Learning, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 6th Jan 2021 @ 7:52am

Good morning everyone!

Remote learning for all classes will go live at 9am today.

If you haven't already received them, you will get your child's usernames and passwords via e-mail by the end of today.

If you think we don't have your e-mail address at school, please send it to homelearning@bishoplearning.derby.sch.uk

If you are not sure if we have it send it anyway, we would rather have it twice than not at all!

Enjoy your day and stay safe!

Remote Learning, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 5th Jan 2021 @ 8:26am

Good morning everyone!
Remote Learning will be available on the website at 9.00am on Wednesday 6th January 2021. We will be using the weekly activity grid that was used during the Summer Term last year, in addition to other websites.
During the the next 48 hours we will be sending out information via e-mail and parent hub regarding usernames, passwords and Zoom class catch up meetings.
If you have any queries about remote learning, please e-mail your class teacher. They will reply as soon as possible but please remember they will still be working in school.
Thank you once again for your continued support. Please bear with us during the coming days we are working as quickly as we can to ensure all children can access remote learning.
Stay safe.

Remote Learning, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 17th Dec 2020 @ 8:44am

Today is the last day of remote learning for children who are isolating at home. Thank you for your continued support throughout the year. Have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year! We will see you all on Monday 4th January 2021.

Year 1 and Year 4, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 15th Dec 2020 @ 9:41am

All children working from home are still welcome to enter our Christmas Deceoration competition. Just take a photo of your decoration and e-mail it to use by the end of the day on Wednesday 16th December.

Year 1

The Year 1 staff are currently unavailable. If you need any help or support with home learning please do not hesitate to contact Miss Brownhall using the Reception home learning e-mail. Receptionhomelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk

Year 4

Year 4 children working at home are invited to join the rest of the class for a Christmas Scavenger Hunt at 2.00pm today. Look out for the Zoom link on Parent Hub/text message.

Red Bubble 'Zoom' Class Catch Up, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 26th Nov 2020 @ 9:15am

Please remember to look out for a message on your phone around 9.30am containing the link, username and password for your class catch up via Zoom.

The Year 4 catch up is today at 11.30am with Mrs Bladon.

The Year 3 catch up is today at 1.30pm with Mr Jeffery.

You will need the Zoom app on your device to take part, the app is free to download. 

The aim of the meeting is to allow children to see their friends and teachers during their isolation. T

The children will chat with their teacher and teaching assistant about how they are getting on with home learning. Only the child needs to be on the screen but a responsible adult should be in the room with them.

We look forward to seeing you later on today!

If you have any queries contact the school office on 01332 344795 or email the class teachers on their home learning e-mail address.

Red Bubble (Year 3 and Year 4) Home Learning, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 23rd Nov 2020 @ 1:02pm

Thank you for collecting your children so promptly from school today.

Remote Learning can be found on the website by hovering over the 'Home Learning' tab, a drop down menu will appear. Hover over 'Remote Learning', another drop down menu will appear, click on either 'Year 3' or 'Year 4'.

If you are working from a mobile phone or tablet, although the menus are the same, it may appear differently. Instead of hovering over the tab, click on the white arrows.

Work for your child will appear there daily from 9.00am.

You will need to access Purple Mash, TT Rock Stars and Active Learn Primary. Please use the usernames and passwords that have been sent home previously.

If you have any problems with usernames and passwords or require any support with the work set, please do not hestitate to contact Mr Jeffery using Y3homelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk or Mrs Bladon using Y4homelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk

Staff will reply as soon as possible but please bear with us as we are still experiencing some problems with the internet at school. 

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

School Games Award, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 9th Jul 2020 @ 9:17am

We are delighted to announce we have achieved the School Games Mark for the Autumn and Spring term. We have also acheived the Virtual Games Mark for all the sport and physical activity we have been doing at school and at home during the Summer term. 

We have also retained our Gold School Games Mark from last year! 

We would like to thank all the children, parents, staff, AM Sports and Derby County Community Trust for all their hard work this year!


Active Bubble Virtual Sports Day, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 29th Jun 2020 @ 9:47am

Active Bubbles - Virtual Sports Day

On Tuesday 30th June 2020 we will be holding an 'Active Bubble - Virtual Sports Day'. 

The children at school will be taking part in sports day in their bubbles, we would like the children at home to take part virtually. 

Click on the link to download the information you need, including a score card on the last page or go to our PE page where the resource is at the top of the page.


Please take photos or videos of your child joining in and their score card. Send it to us @homelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk or share it on Twitter tagging @bishoplonsdale1 and @DCCTSuperSchool.



National Sports Week, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 22nd Jun 2020 @ 9:14am

National Sports Week

This week is National Sports Week. At Bishop Lonsdale we are going to focus on a different sport every day and try and do as much physical activity as possible. Go to the 'National Sports Week' tab under 'Home Learning' for more details about this event!

Remember to take photographs and send them to homelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk or upload them to Twitter using the hashtag #StayHomeStayActive remember to tag us and @DCCTSuperSchool

It's not too late to follow us on Twitter, search for us @bishoplonsdale1

Home Learning Update, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 12th Jun 2020 @ 8:29am

In response to feedback from parents, children and staff, we are making changes to our home learning from Monday 15th June 2020.

Each week there will be a planner to download from your child's class page. Choose at least three activities to do with your child.

The work will be a mix of downloadable and online materials. Sometimes you may need to work outside or use resources from around the home. There will of course, be physical activity.

We will continue to use the learning platforms Numbots, TT Rock Stars and Purple Mash, but we are also introducing 'Active Learn Primary.'

E-mail homelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk or your class learning e-mail for your username and password for 'Active Learn Primary'. The site can be used from Monday 15th June 2020.

Active Learn Primary, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 10th Jun 2020 @ 1:09pm

Next week we will be launching 'Active Learn Primary'; an exciting new learning platform for children to read books, practise spellings and grammar and much more. It even includes a reward system!

Click on the link below to preview the site.


More information to follow on Friday!

New Home Learning, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 1st Jun 2020 @ 8:06am

Due to school re-opening and all staff being at school we have had to make a few changes to home learning.

You can still access on line learning via the class pages, but it will look different.

It would be great if you could follow what we have put on because the children at school will be doing exactly the same.

We don’t expect you to do it all - we understand that learning at home is very different to learning at school. Just do what you can!

Every class has a link to the ‘Twinkl Home Learning Hub’. Every day is different, it has a timetable for the day and all resources can be accessed on Twinkl or there is clear link to another site.


Teachers are still contactable on their home learning email addresses. Please appreciate that their responses might not be as quick as they are now in school with children everyday – but they will get back to you.

We would still like you to continue to send us photographs of your child learning at home and their work.

Although we are back at school, we will continue to do our best to support you all with home learning!

School Re-Opening Risk Assessment, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 21st May 2020 @ 9:29pm



Please read our 'School Re-opening Risk Assessment' which can be found next to the 'Home Learning' tab.

Home Learning Packs, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 18th May 2020 @ 11:21am

Pre-ordered Home Learning Packs are now ready for collection.
Please collect from the table in the car park outside the hall. Packs are named and are in year groups.
Collection times:
Monday 18th May 2020 11.00am - 2.00pm
Tuesday 19th May 2020 9.30am - 2.00pm
Wednesday 20th May 2020 9.30am - 2.00pm


If you haven't already ordered a pack it's not too late. E-mail your class teacher or call school on 01332 344795
We will contact you when it is ready for collection.

Thank you

New Home Learning Packs, by Miss Brownhall

Date: 12th May 2020 @ 8:50am

If you would like a home learning pack with new activities for your child, please let us know by e-mailing your class teacher or calling school on 01332 344795. We will let you know when your pack is ready for collection.

Nursery: Nhomelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk
Reception: Receptionhomelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk
Year 1: Y1homelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk
Year 2: Y2homelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk
Year 3: Y3homelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk
Year 4: Y4homelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk
Year 5: Y5homelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk
Year 6: Y6homelearning@bishoplonsdale.derby.sch.uk

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