E-Safety Updates

Date: 11th Jun 2017 @ 3:19pm

E-Safety Update – January 2019:

Parent Zone – guides for parents to popular apps, games and online media

Do you know your Instagram from your Snapchat? Ever hear of Twitch or TikTok? Do you know what your kids get up to when they're playing Clash of Clans or Fortnite? Well, you're in luck because the Parent Zone website has created a whole set of guides for parents for all these games, social media apps, websites and more, including Netflix, Pokemon Go, Facebook, Fortnite, VR and even connected toys. Visit the website to find out more and help to get to grips with your children's digital and online experiences.

Please visit: https://parentzone.org.uk/advice/parent-guides


E-Safety Update – June 2018:

BBC Own It – Gaming advice for parents and children

The BBC Own It website has a new section all about computer games and online gaming. Many children play games online, but it is often a whole world of mystery to their parents! If you want to know more about both the fun side and the risks in gaming, this has lots of great advice and info for both parents and children, especially if you are concerned about how to stay safe while gaming.

Please visit: https://www.bbc.com/ownit/curations/gaming


E-Safety Update – December 2017:

NSPCC E-Safety Advice

The NSPCC website has some excellent advice about how to talk to your child about staying safe online, as well as lots of other information for both parents and children about E-Safety. Please visit:

NSPCC website - Talking to your child about staying safe online.


E-Safety Update – September 2017:

Social Media Myths

This short video from the BBC has some essential info to help you and your child understand social media better and stay safe online: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04s2wjq


E-Safety Update – July 2017:

Schools issue Snapchat Map warning

Schools are warning parents that a new location-sharing feature in Snapchat could put children at risk. Snap Map lets users share their exact location with people on their "friends" list in real time, meaning that they could be tracked by anyone on their 'friends' list.

Parents are being reminded that they should monitor their children’s use of social media such as Snapchat, and check whether they have opted-in or out of such features. The user agreements for most social media apps (including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat) state that users must be 13 years old, so younger children should not have individual accounts.

For more information on this warning, including how to opt-out of this feature, please visit:

BBC News - Schools issue Snapchat Map warning - 5 July 2017


E-Safety Update – June 2017:

Safety concerns over Musical.ly and Live.ly apps

Do your children use the free social media apps Musical.ly or Live.ly? An investigation by Channel 4 News has found that more than half of the video streams on these apps, which allow users to ‘live stream’ (broadcast live videos of themselves), contain content that is inappropriate for children. The apps also allow any users to send inappropriate comments and messages to children. There is little moderation of the content and no safety restrictions to protect your child from receiving these messages or from having chats with unknown adults.

For more information, please visit:

The Channel 4 news website at www.channel4.com/news

The ‘ICT with Mr P’ Facebook page

Parents are being reminded that they should monitor their children’s use of the internet and social media on mobiles, tablets and computers, in order to help them stay safe online.

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